David J. Stuart was a furious schizophrenic maker of an extremely nutty fundie-christian website (we will not name it, it looks like pure death!!! Muahahahaha!!!). He is so terribly (yet hilariously) nutty, he makes Jack Chick appear purely sane.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, he and his daughter moved to live in a Guam jungle to supposedly 'free ourselves from the corrupt and materialistic society of the world'.

His website is blatantly hateful and defies all scientific logic mankind can think of, from 'debunking' evolution to supporting the denial of global warming.

Despite being EXTREMELY anti-entertainment, anti-science, and a highly whacked-up King-James-Only advocate, he likes cats and Filipino cooking, as revealed somewhere on the website...

His site's webpage follows the Haig's Law [1] and uses bright psychedelic colors and text, along with paranoid delusional words and sentences, like "Are YOU Going To Hell?" to trigger a delusional meltdown.

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